Tuintopia is a strategic game in which you realise a garden together. Place the cards in a smart way to create connections between the different parts of the garden. A water pump supplies water to the  vegetable and a solar panel energy to the house. The player who creates the most connections wins the game!

Can you beat your opponents or will you create one big paradise? Will you gamble or play safe? Constructing a garden has never been more exciting!

You can play the game at two levels and there are variations to make the game even more challenging.


An impression of level 1:
The game begins with a house at the playing field. Each player got four (closed) cards. The rest of the cards is at a stack. The players play a card in turns. A card is played by placing it next to a card on the playing field. By playing a card the player may earn points. Points are earned by creating a connection. A connection is created if the symbols at the bottom of the played card match a symbol at the top of a bordering card (at the playing field) or a symbol on the top of the played card matches a bordering card.

For the complete rules watch the movie below (in Dutch) or download the Tuintopia Gamerules

People who bought the game in Dutch and want to translate the cards into their own language can use this file: Tuintopia Elements to print out stickers in their language.

An impression of level 2:
To make the game more challenging, level 2 introduces wind and sunlight into the scoring system. In level 2, the possibility to play closed cards is also added to the game; a way to conceal your strategy.


Cooperative game: In the cooperative game, the scoring system is adjusted to count the score as if there was only one player.  The goal is to reach 60 points or more.

Heights: In this variation each card has a height. This height is represented by the number in the bottom-left. A card only provides shadow or wind shelter to cards with equal or less height.  The pond (vijver) is the only card that provides sunlight. It only provides sunlight to cards that are higher.

Zones: If you play with zones, it means that cards can only be places in a certain zone. The zones are represented by the Roman number on the bottom right of the compass. I means that the card can only be placed in zone 1. II in zone 2 and III in zone 3. Zone 1 is the inner circle (directly joining the house). Zone 2 is both the inner circle as the outer circle. And zone 3 is the outer circle. An open card cannot be placed in the wrong zone. If a player is not able to place an open card in the right zone, instead of playing an open card, the player takes a new card from the draw pile and puts one card from his hand to the bottom of the draw pile.

A closed card can be placed in the wrong zone. If someone turns a closed card that appears to be placed in the wrong zone, the player takes this card in his or her hand. This player cannot turn or place another closed card during this turn.

Different shapes: Another variation is to play the game with a different shape of the garden.

Apart from playing the variations separately you can also combine the variations! Furthermore we are very curious which variations you can invent! You can even come up with a whole new game using the Tuintopia cards!